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3PDT Foot Switch PCB


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  • High-quality board with clear labeling.
  • No noise true bypass.
  • LED & resistor connections.
  • Ribbon cable compatible.

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The Analog Classics 3PDT Foot Switch PCB/Breakout Board allows you to integrate a standard 3PDT footswitch into your pedal build.  An external LED can be connected, or you can connect the led ring found on some footswitches.  The signal input is shorted to ground during bypass to reduce noise and popping.  The board has a place for a led resistor as well (we recommend a 4.7K)  otherwise you can include in your order above.  All Analog Classics PCB’s are manufactured to the highest quality standard and are white with black silk screening for easy reading of component values and placements.  Please view the “drawing” tab for a dimensional drawing.

Weight 0.5 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 0.35 in




Pinout Definitions

  • G – ground
  • O – jack out
  • I – jack in
  • FO – effect out
  • FI – effect in

1 review for 3PDT Foot Switch PCB

  1. david s. Innis

    Fantastic board, great quality. Incredibly easy to wire up and use. Works perfectly. I needed one, but I bought five so that I would have some on hand for my next foot pedal project. Great job guys! And did I mention, it’s cool looking too!

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