Diaphragm for JBL 2418H, 2418H-1, EON15-G2, MR9 Series, D-2418-4


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This Analog Classics replacement diaphragm is compatible with the following models: JBL: 2418, JBL 2418H, JBL 2418H-1, 3622N, 3632M-HF, 3632M-HF-T, 3677S, 3722HF, 3722N-HF, AC2212/00-WH, AC2215/00-WH, CAB-55, CAB55, CAB 55, EON-15, EON15, EON 15, EON 15P-1/230, EON POWER15, EON-15-G2, EON15-G2, EON 15-G2, EON-15P, EON15P, EON 15P, MR-902, MR902, MR 902, MR-905, MR905, MR 905, MR-922, MR922, MR 922, MR-925, MR925, MR 925, MR-926, MR926, MR 926, MR-935, MR935, MR 935, MR-938, MR938, MR 938, MS-112-WH, MS112-WH, MS 112-WH, MS-115-WH, MS115-WH, MS 115-WH.

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in




8 Ohm

Voice Coil Diameter


Outer Diamater



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