OPA1622 DIP8 Dual Op-Amp


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OPA1622 DIP8 Dual Op-Amp – the OPA1622 is a dual, bipolar input, SoundPlus o operational amplifier. The device features a low noise density of 2.8nV/Hz and a low THD+N of –119.2dB at 1kHz, while also driving a 32ohm load at 100mW output power.
The OPA1622’s high AC Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR) and Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR) specifications eliminate noise from the power supply and are perfect for portable o applications. In addition, the device features a high output drive of +145mA/–130mA for direct drive headphones.
The OPA1622 supports a wide supply voltage range of ±2V to ±18V with a supply current of only 2.6m per channel.
The output current of the general operational amplifier NE5532 OPA2604 is less than 50MA, and the output of OPA1622 is up to 145MA, which greatly increases the driving force so that the circuit has better matching, lower output impedance, high and low level, dynamic, and therefore very good performance.

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