SparkoS Labs SS3602

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The SS3601 / SS3602 are single / dual discrete op amps in an 8 pin DIP compatible package optimized for high performance audio applications. These devices are drop in replacements for many common, yet inferior audio operational amplifiers and are uniquely compensated for trouble free swap out into virtually any circuit. Having a footprint of a mere 0.33 square inches, these devices are one-third the size of any other discrete op amp on the market. Class A biasing and high output current capability coupled with a proprietary two pole compensation scheme requiring multiple NPO dielectric capacitors make these discrete op amps impossible to fabricate as a monolithic IC.

• 140 dB Open Loop Gain to 600 Hz
• Class A Output Current Of +/- 15mA
• Maximum Output Current Of +/- 50mA
• Extremely Tolerant of Capacitive Loads And High Feedback network Impedance
• Trouble Free Drop In Replacement For Audio Op amps
• Smallest Discrete Op Amp On The Market
• DIP 8 Compatible Package
• Fully Discrete Design
• True Op Amp Requiring no Ground For normal Operation

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