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Oktava MK-104


The MK-104 is the newest addition to the Oktava line. It features a completely new 27 mm large-diaphragm capsule installed in a new acoustically optimized head basket.

The Capsule
The new capsule is the result of ongoing research and showcases a new arrangement and sizing of precision-drilled backplate holes for optimum time and frequency domain performance. This stunning new capsule is bright, clear and accurate without being screechy, sizzly, spitty or scooped.

Headbasket and Body
The MK-104 offers a groundbreaking head basket design. It features four acoustically optimized vents that dramatically reduce reflections within the head basket to smooth the upper midrange response and improve transient response detail. The MK-104 is capable of rendering high-frequency transients sounds with accuracy and detail reminiscent of a small diaphragm mic – but offers the flattering qualities of a large-diaphragm condenser.

The Circuit
The MK-104 uses the same circuit found in the renowned MK-012 (over 90,000 in use worldwide) to deliver the alluring sound of direct phantom power applied to a large-diaphragm capsule.

The Sound
On-axis - the MK-104 exhibits a smooth and gentle upward tilt from bass to treble giving it several dB more treble output relative to the bass end. Off-axis - The MK-104 has a unique and useful polar response - 180-degree output above 7 kHz exceeds 90 output. This means the MK-104 hears ambient room presence and “air” while rejecting HF bleed from adjacent sound sources. The MK-104 excels where the recordist wants an accurate on-axis large-diaphragm cardioid sound, excellent transient response, and bright room ambiance while minimizing HF leakage from adjacent instruments.

These ship direct from Russia. 

Freq. Response 20-20000Hz
Phantom voltage required 48 +- 2V
Full impedance, module less than 300 ohms 
Weighted SPL (ref. DIN 45412) 18 dBA
Maximum SPL in 250-8000Hz range, (less than 0.5% THD)  140 db
Free field sensitivity at 1KHz > 9 mV/Pa 
Free field sensitivity roll off from 40Hz to 16KHz should not exceed +- 2,5 db 
The difference in free field sensitivity between 0° and 90° in 250-8000 Hz range 6 +-2 dB 
Average sensitivity difference between 0° and 180° for cardioid capsule in 63-12500 Hz range > 12 db