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Our state-of-the-art tech facility is dedicated to sonic preservation.

Power Solutions

What our customers say...

Perfect transaction! Almost immediate responses and my purchase arrived so quickly the only way it could have gotten here sooner is if Ben drove it here himself right after I bought it. Great seller!!! Thanks. I'm sure I'll be back for more...

Keith C.

These guys are cool! I am a Grammy nominated engineer with gold and platinum records to my credit and 32 years of recording, mixing and mastering experience. When these guys had a piece of gear that I wanted, I just had to call and talk to Ben about it. I was really surprised. Most people sell gear and pretty much hope it works. They have no way of testing it or even understanding how it was originally supposed to work. These guys are very different. Great to do business with!

Tim Stroh

New Arrivals

  • Telefunken IPS F2000
    September 30, 2019 Ben Kroeger

    Telefunken IPS F2000

    The Telefunken IPS F2000 is a very rare discrete fully balanced equalizer.  The coolest feature is the 1/3, 1, 3 octave Q ratio switch on the mid and low bands.  You can currently buy this module HERE on the Analog...

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  • TAB U373b
    September 29, 2019 Ben Kroeger

    TAB U373b

    These compressors are interesting because they are the only solid-state compressors that behave similarly to a remote cutoff tube compressor. 
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